The point of departure for my work is my personal experience of the real world as a complex living environment, in which truth and fiction blend as equal parts of our consciousness, forming a unity that serves as a platform for our subjective experience of the world.

This personal existential foundation is the source of the substance and history of my works, which are composed of ostensibly experimental actions and guidelines for action in multimedia installations on the basis of interwoven creative processes.

My interest is focused on the little everyday phenomena I regard as building blocks from which the fundamental questions of life are configured.

By taking up these seemingly ordinary details and episodes and rendering them visible in my work, I build a bridge to a higher collective approach to existence.

My works evolve as synchronous processes into a personal reality. Thus they consistently reflect my own personal present while serving as an expression of a fundamental need for orientation at the same time.

Viewed in terms of content, they reflect the ambivalent relationship between communication and restraint, between work and pleasure, and between stillness and movement.

Yukako Ando